Arc Of Ones

In the winter of 1988-1989, five Washington DC/Baltimore area musicians went into Mainframe Studios in Baltimore, Maryland and recorded their eponymous CD, entitled Arc Of Ones. Produced by Crack The Sky frontman John Palumbo, these eight songs represented the height of the Arc's body of work. In many ways both learning experience and satisfying musical collaboration, these songs even today are fan favorites. Enjoy!

P.S. If anybody has a copy of the original CD artwork, pictures, anecdotes, etc. please contact us!


  • Mitch Crosswait - keyboards
  • Jeanne Dushel - vocals
  • Chris G - percussion
  • Andrew Stainer - guitars
  • Barry Warsaw - basses


  • Special guest Sal "Sonny" Anzalone - Saxophone on Francy
  • Produced by John Palumbo
  • Executive Producer - Andrew Stainer
  • Engineered by Steve Palmiere
  • © 1989 Truth Records
  • © 1989 Tete Rouge Pub. (ASCAP)